Chelenko Horseback Riding

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: medium

Minimum 2 people - Maximum 6 people

We will meet you in the Hotel hall so that our guide can equip you to carry out the Horseback Ride to Mirador Chelenko.

This ride of a medium intensity, which will take us along trails of Ñirres forests in transition towards tall forests and enormous rocks, called “wandering” rocks, left by the transit of this enormous glacier that left its mark here. We will climb to the heights to contemplate from a glacial platform this enormous paleolake called Chelenko by the aboriginal owners of these inhospitable lands.

With this wonderful view, you will be able to enjoy with our local guide the Mate talk and some Patagonian customs of Aysén.

We will walk a circular path, specially made by our guides that will cause the least possible impact on the soils. We will begin to ascend through ancient and imposing forests of coigues (nothofagus dombeyi), native to this area, we will pass through virgin and unique places in this area. Within the forest we can see species of lichens, native flowers and wild fruits. If you do this excursion in wetter seasons, you can also marvel at an impressive fungal world.

Leaving the forests, being at a higher altitude, we will begin to observe wonderful landscapes of Lago Negro and Lago General Carrera, which surround Hacienda Tres Lagos, making this a magical environment privileged by nature. All this accompanied by a panoramic and incomparable view of the glaciers that begin the northern ice fields, the third largest area of ice in the world with 4,200 km2. Upon reaching the final viewpoint, we will be able to appreciate very suggestive and unique panoramic views of both lakes, where we will feel that we are very close to God.


  • Stainless steel bottle to transport water
  • Gaiters to wear on horseback
  • Riding cap
  • First aid kit


  • Tips
  • Optional drinks
  • Trekking Shoes and clothes for rainy and cold weather


Prices in USD only for foreign passengers. Prices in CLP for chilean passengers and foreign residents in Chile, includes IVA (chilean tax).

Rates Price USD Price CLP
10/31/2023 to 03/31/2024 $65.00 $52,000.00

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USD $65.00
per person